Percolation Testing is fun - Part 1

First pass at the percolation testing
We have to show, via a certified engineer, that the ground is OK and that a suitable septic system can be installed
Only when this is completed can the process be completed and a Planning Certificate issued.

A deep hole

Surveying the Site - GPS to the rescue...

We had to survey the site on more than one occasion
Thanks to Max - Theo is now an experienced surveyor

Enter the coordinates…

Find the spot - accurate to the cm.

Boundary marker on the road

Ken persuaded me to keep 'The Barn'

Brian he asked - are you out of your mind?
It is not a Barn - It is a 'Man-Shed'

'Tom' Osumi came from Tokyo...

… to check the site
Theo explained all

'The Barn'

Calling it the 'Pig Sty' caused confusion - so now it is 'The Barn'
We are advised that there have not been pigs in 'The Barn' for at least 40 years.